Weight loss

If we take a moment and look around it does not take very long to recognize that the majority of the U.S. population is either overweight or obese. In fact, the latest report was that over 65% of the U.S. population falls into one of these two categories. With our busy lifestyle we tend to have to gravitate to foods of convenience, which traditionally have not been the healthiest, they taste good, but are usually very high in empty calories and simply contribute to this growing problem.

As with all of the services provided at the wellness center, we take an individualized approach to your weight loss. We look all of the different areas that can influence weight loss, including, physical, mental and emotional. Our evaluation process will include looking at the following:

Adrenal Function

Thyroid Evaluation

Hormone Balancing

Food Allergies

Food Addiction


Emotional Eating

Nutritional Status


We offer a variety of options for weight loss depending on what is the best fit for you, including, one or a combination of the following treatment choices:

Hormone Replacement Therapy


B12 Injections


First Line Therapy

Meal Planning

Dietary Counseling

Stress Management



Modern day science has afforded us the opportunity to evaluate and analyze samples of blood, saliva, and urine to give physicians a great deal of insight as to how your body is functioning or NOT functioning.  Many people have had a blood test ran by their doctor at some point in time, however, we offer a wide range of tests that you may not be aware exist or that are available to you.  The following is a list of some of the tests we have available for you here at our center:

Heavy Metal Testing

Hormone Testing

Genetic Testing

Neurotransmitter Testing

Chemical Sensitivity Testing

Iodine Deficiency Testing

BRCCA Testing

Nagalase Testing

Intracellular Vitamin/Mineral Analysis

Food Sensitivity/Allergy Testing

Lipoprotein NMR

Aspirin Sensitivity

Parasite Testing

Telomere Testing

Digestive Stool Analysis



Thanks to the popular Three’s Company actress, Suzanne Somers, there is hardly a person out there who has not heard about hormone replacement therapy or HRT.  So what is the big deal?  Well, as we get older, our hormones begin to decline, including testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone for both men and women and obviously estrogen and progesterone for females.  Thus, the aging process is accelerated and we become more susceptible to the symptoms of hormone deficiency, some of which are listed here below.

Bone Loss

Heart Disease

Insulin Resistance

Increase Risk of Diabetes

Decreased Libido

Muscle Loss

Hot Flashes



Erectile Dysfunction

Weight Gain

Night Sweats


Hair Loss


Increased Memory Loss



Dry Skin

Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s

However, hormones extend beyond HRT, it includes the balancing of hormones such as your thyroid and adrenal glands.  It entails looking at the balance of your various hormones and ensuring that your liver is effectively breaking them down and excreting them from the body.

Talk to one of our doctors about the variety of hormone tests we have available to ensure that your endocrine system is functioning at its best and that your hormones are in balance.



Studies have shown that in the United States over 65% of the population is consuming, at least, one type of supplement and most have multiple bottles in their pantry.  With every grocery store, health food store, vitamin shop and Dr. Oz promoting a different supplement it can be very challenging and confusing to know what to purchase.  This matter is only made worse when you see that the same supplement can range from $5 for one bottle to $20 for the “same thing”, so how to choose?  If you are like my wife you would either pick based on price or the label that catches your eye.

We carry supplements from manufacturers who can guarantee the following so that you can be assured that you are getting the best for your body:
Raw Material Batch Assays



Heavy Metal Testing

Toxin Testing

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Free of Artificial Fillers and Binders

Non-GMO Sourced

No Artificial Colors

3rd Party Tested


A few quick examples of how this has been an issue.  One notable physician who sells supplements online had PCBs in his fish oil due to lack of testing.  A national retailer of supplement had unacceptable levels of lead in their women’s Multivitamin and a third study on vitamin D revealed that potency ranged from 9% up to 146% of what being claimed on the label.

We carry the products that we do because of proven efficacy.  When you purchase a particular supplement from our office you can be assured that you are getting exactly what is on the label, nothing more and nothing less.

IV therapy

IV therapy is the direct introduction of nutrients into the venous system or veins ( Intravenous ). The importance of this type of therapy in comparison to swallowing a pill is that your body will have access to 100% of the substances being introduced into the vein in comparison to only about 50% of what we absorb through our stomach.  A simple example of this would be giving someone a saline IV when they are dehydrated.

IV therapy for the reason mentioned above is ideal for anyone including those who have chronic illnesses, autoimmune conditions, or malabsorption issues, such as in gastric bypass surgery or simply to give you immune system a boost or to enhance your athletic performance. The following is a small list of conditions that can benefit from this form of therapy:




Bacterial Infections

Heart Disease



Athletic Performance

Lung Infections


Macular Degeneration

Lyme’s Disease



Adrenal Fatigue

Viral Infections


Pain from Bulging Discs


Heavy Metal Detoxification

Muscle Spasms

Gastric Bypass Nutritional Support

Autoimmune Conditions

Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and Epstein-Barr

Valley Fever

We offer a wide variety of IV therapies ranging from a simple hydration IV to more complicated and custom IV’s such as a Meyer’s IV, high dose Vitamin C IV or chelation.

Please be sure to discuss with your doctor which IV therapy would be best suited for you and your health needs.