Perineural Therapy

Perineural Therapy, is a treatment for inflammation and pain of subcutaneous nerves and surrounding tissues.

These nerves are important in maintaining the health and renewal of joint structures.

Perineural therapy involves a series of small injections of low concentrations of dextrose (sugar water) just beneath the skin surface near the subcutaneous nerves.

Perineural Therapy  is used to treat nerve pain associated with joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

It has also been shown to be effective in treating post-surgical pain following back surgeries or joint replacement surgeries.

The nerves that supply sensation to the skin over a joint also supplies sensation to the joint and the muscles that move that joint.

When we inject low concentrations of dextrose under the skin we can begin to decrease swelling, reduce pain and restore normal function.

Perineural Therapy is a safe and effective treatment with minimal risk for infection.

Most patients notice an immediate reduction of pain that can last hours to days. Pain is generally reduced by 10-20% with each treatment session.

Every patient responds differently but generally, 5-8 treatments are needed 1-2 weeks apart depending on the degree of injury Perineuarl Therapy is often combined with trigger point injections for maximum benefit.

Neural Prolotherapy FAQ