CONGRATULATIONS! You have signed up for a transformative 14 days. Follow these 3 easy steps:

ONE: Food items to purchase

  1. Organic, hormone-free chicken, turkey, lamb, grass-fed beef
  2. Cold water fish (salmon, cod, sardines, pacific flounder/sole, butterfish, trout)
  3. Unlimited vegetables
  4. Flaxseed, Extra virgin olive oil, hempseed oil, avocados, nuts/seeds, coconut oil
  5. Low glycemic fruits such as berries (blueberries/raspberries/strawberries)
  6. Lemon, lime, cayenne pepper, sea salt, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar

TWO: Choose your kit

  1. ESSENTIALS: $450.00

    • 14-Day Kit with capsules and shakes
    • 6 MIC injections to support weight loss through the elimination of stored fat deposits in the liver and body
      • MIC injections ingredients: methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine
    • Access to the Detox with a Doc Facebook page ran by Dr. Cordova. You will have access to other participants for support and you can ask any questions you have!
    • Includes everything you need to successfully complete the Detox with a Doc program.
  2. STANDARD: $500.00

    • Includes everything in the essentials kit PLUS:
      • A bag of Jigsaw electrolytes at 15% off for maximum hydration to help support you during detox
      • Hydration is required for successful detoxing

    (Any participants that are not currently active patients with WVNC are eligible for the essential and standard kits only. If you would like to purchase the gold kit, please contact our office to get set up as a new patient!)

  3. GOLD: $725.00

    • Includes everything in the Standard kit PLUS:
      • 15% off of one Large Hydration IV to be scheduled 1 week prior to the start date of the detox
      • 15% off of one small Hydration IV with a Meyers push to be scheduled the second week of the detox
      • Upon purchasing, please schedule the IVs by calling the office at 623-643-9598
    • If drinking water is challenging, then purchasing this kit can greatly help with hydration and enhancing the affects of the detox!
    • NOTE: This kit is for active patients of WVNC only who are eligible for IV therapy.

THREE: To order your kit

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Click on Supplement Orders
  3. Fill out the entire form & enter “DETOX KIT ESSENTIALS, DETOX KIT STANDARD, or DETOX KIT GOLD” in the supplement box, Quantity: ONE
  4. Click Submit
  5. Other options would be to come into the office directly to prepay for the kit or by giving us a call at 623-643-9598.

Quick points

  1. This is NOT caloric-restrictive. You are encouraged to eat when hungry.
  2. The detox programs includes two daily shakes. You may drink them as a meal replacement or with a meal.
  3. The program has been created for you. No need to figure out which supplements to take, which foods to eat, or when to do your MIC (fat burning) injections.
  4. Daily prompts on Facebook lead you through the entire detox. You simply log in and follow along!

What happens in the liver during the DETOX:


  1. The liver is responsible for the selective uptake, concentration, metabolism, and excretion of the majority of drugs and toxins that are introduced into the body.
  2. The detox kit addresses Phase I and Phase II to remove toxins.
  3. Phase I breaks down toxins and makes lipid soluble toxins more water soluble.
  4. Phase II attaches another molecule to chemicals to makes them less harmful.


  1. Two shakes per day provide nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts, and herbs. This is clean burning fuel for the body to be supported.
  2. B2, B3, B6, folate, B12, glutathione, branched chain amino acids, flavonoids, phospholipids are the co- factors needed for Phases I and II. These are included in two packets of capsules that you take with your shake!
  3. You will also be eating clean meat and fresh vegetables, too.


  1. You have access to a private Facebook page to post questions daily. They are answered every evening Monday through Friday.
  2. Every morning a prompt walks you through the day. Reminders for the shakes, the capsules, the MIC injections along with thought-provoking prompts and encouragements.
  3. You get to relax, detox, and follow along.
  4. There is NO pressure to post. You regulate how much to post or to share. Reading what others post is still a great to learn how to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. All participants are asked to share supportive, uplifting questions or responses. I ask that no friend requests to other participants are sent nor should private messages be used. This does not apply if you were friends prior! This is only to ensure everyone feels safe and that the focus of the private Facebook page is to share and learn from the Detox experience. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

You are now prepared to be SUCCESSFUL for

weight loss
decreased sugar cravings
better sleep quality
improved focus
improved relationship with food with the
full support of a licensed physician