IV Ozone in Goodyear & Mesa

What is intravenous ozone therapy?

Medical ozone therapy, or intravenous ozone therapy, has its origins as far back as 1885 here in the United States. It was used during World War I to treat wounds, and it was later found to be useful for many other diseases and health conditions.

Today, direct intravenous (DIV) ozone therapy is the most common method used worldwide. Dr. Robins has pioneered modification of this into the Robins Method of Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (RMDIV). This is now considered to be not only the safest, but most effective way of using DIV ozone therapy. With this method ozone is safely injected into your vein to help fight toxins and infections, and to treat numerous chronic health conditions.

How is intravenous ozone therapy used?

Intravenous ozone can be used for any inflammatory condition, infections, wound healing and exercise recovery.  It is wonderful to have a treatment that is so diverse and has so many applications for the human body.

Some of the benefits of intravenous ozone therapy may include increased circulation, reduced pain, and a faster healing process overall. You may also experience a decreased risk of complications from diabetes.

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