Ozone Therapy in Goodyear & MesaPlease know that the information provided here is for information purposes. The intent is not to make claims that ozone or any particular therapy might cure any condition, but rather to discuss the known physiology of ozone therapy, and how that physiology might apply to viruses.

Oxygen delivery and consumption is the most important factor in health and healing. Red blood cells (RBCs) carry your oxygen from your lungs to your small capillaries, which are even smaller than the diameter of your RBCs.

So, consider the above to be known published medical effects of ozone. The first three deal with oxygen, the stuff of life. The final two deal with your immune system and infections.

1. Ozone therapy improves red cell flexibility, meaning your blood will flow more easily. RBCs will be able to flex better to get through the small capillaries. They will carry a higher negative electrical charge so that they repel each other and don’t stack together. This improves rheological (flow) properties of your blood, enabling more oxygen transport.

2. Ozone therapy stimulates your RBCs to generate a compound called 2,3 DGP. Interestingly, this molecule enables your RBCs to release their payload of oxygen into your tissues. Less 2,3 DGP and your RBCs might actually hold on to the payload leaving your tissues to become oxygen starved.

​3. Ozone therapy increases RBC ATP. The increased energy in the red cells enable newly created RBCs to become “supergifted” in the words of researcher Velio Bocci, MD of Italy.

4. Ozone therapy appears to turn on overall mitochondrial function in your cells. Mitochondria are your cell’s power plant where energy is made. More energy, more ability to repair, no matter what the tissue or organ. This conclusion is based on basic science research of German and Cuban researchers showing more oxygen consumption in tissues.

5. Researchers Bocci in Italy and Silvia Menendez, PhD and her team in Cuba have determined that ozone modulates the immune system. In other words, where there is inflammation that is not needed, ozone will dampen it, and allow inflamed tissues to heal. Where the immune system is weak, ozone therapy picks it up. The net effect of ozone therapy is to bring your immune system to a healthier set point of balance. You need inflammation to fight invaders and repair, but when inflammation is not turned off, the inflammation itself then becomes destructive to your tissues. In the case of joints, modulating inflammation with ozone can sometimes lead to instant results

6. Ozone and its metabolic products are toxic to pathogens (bacteria and viruses). In fact ozone virtually instantly punches holes in the membranes of bacteria hemorrhaging them on the spot. In contrast, chlorine compounds, well known as disinfectants, are 100x slower! When it comes to viruses, these stealth pathogens MUST gain entry to your cells to wreak their havoc, no matter the virus.

​Ozone has the ability to render the virus inactivated. It can’t enter your cells. And that is the best thing that could happen for you. See, if the virus is present in your blood stream, but can’t enter your cells, your immune system can see them without the tissue destruction. This should enable you to mount a proper and fast immune defense and dispatch the invader without damage to you!

As you can see ozone is a very versatile treatment option which is applicable to a lot of health conditions. Schedule an appointment today to find out if you are a good candidate for ozone therapy.

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