J. Muramoto

In today's hectic world, we often forget the importance of human connection. I'm often reminded of it when watching small-town shows - you walk in as a customer, you're sincerely greeted, most of the time by first name - and you know people genuinely care.

This is how I feel at West Valley Naturopathic Center.

I'm a newer patient, I've only seen Dr. Simone a few times, but the amount of care and time they take with each patient is rare and precious these days. Even the lab staff is friendly, talkative, personal.

I highly recommend this place as an alternative or even supplement to your typical primary care. They care about their patients, customers and staff. It shows.

C. Mauch Prescott

Dr. Brian Archambault is an excellent Doctor and he has so many tips for Natural Good Health, Thanks for your help! C Prescott

AJ Celebrity Skin Studio

I wanted to share this review about my personal experience with Dr. Archambault of West Valley Naturopathic Center and my experience with the HCG diet. First a little backstory. I’m 50 and have been trying desperately to lose weight.

Pain was my main motivation. I need a knee replacement and have been suffering horribly with pain. This pain was not only in my knee, but it was also causing a great amount of hip, leg and back pain. The pain was so intense and constant that I couldn’t sleep, I was having difficulty working,

I was literally handicapped and unable to participate in many activities. Simple things, like going to the grocery store were no longer possible. There were many days I ended up in tears due to the pain. I was taking over the counter and prescription pain meds just to make it through the day. I had to cancel trips. I was using crutches to walk. I was quickly getting depressed as I felt like I was watching life pass me by. I needed to be at a healthier weight before undergoing surgery and I needed to get there quickly. I needed to get my life back.

I started doing research and came across the HCG diet. I also found that the only FDA regulated HCG were injections. This let me to Dr. Archambault at West Valley Naturopathic Center.

My first experience was with Christian the front desk manager. She shared her personal experience, took lots of time to explain the program and answered all of my questions. I then met with the Dr. This is not like going to your regular insurance assigned primary care doctor.

Dr. Archambault goes over your history thoroughly and treats you as an individual with a whole-body wellness approach giving you very personalized care. He spent a lot of time with me and explored all options that may hinder my weight loss. He even did some additional testing before we started. His goal was to make sure I got optimal results.

Here is my experience with the HCG diet. I was very faithful to the program and did not cheat. I experienced great results in weight loss. The largest daily loss I had was 4 lbs. In 46 days, I lost 33 pounds.

Then it was on to the maintenance phase which was scary for me. I kept thinking what if I gained weight back? I actually lost weight in the maintenance phase and with the Dr.’s guidance, I have continued to lose weight. Since the start of the diet, I have lost over 40 lbs. and I continue to keep losing.

My knee surgery is pending, but in the meantime, I have had such relief of pain. My hip and back pain are almost non-existent. I am not in constant pain and can sleep well. I have ditched the crutches and the pain meds. Best of all I am no longer feeling depressed, but joyful and hopeful for what the future brings.

The Dr. and his staff were available when I had questions and supported me through the whole process. I would definitely recommend West Valley Naturopathic Center for help with weight loss or any other health care concern.

Their approach is so much different than any other Dr. I have been to. The best thing is that they give you personalized attention and really treat you as an individual.

H. Lopez

This review is based on my experience with Dr. Myleen Simone. She recently moved to this practice from another center where I was working with her. I had a great experience with her and made the move with her.

I can only speak on Dr. Simone, and she is genuine. She knows what she is talking about, she listens to me, she takes my goals into consideration, and she allows me to voice my opinions on the protocols she puts in place for me. I absolutely feel that she cares about me as a person, and wants the best results for me.

She has been willing to help me find answers that other doctors refused to help me with because they didn't feel it was necessary.

They were wrong, and she helped me get all the answers I needed to restore my health. I highly recommend working with Dr. Simone.

S. Kyllo

Honestly, I would not know where to start my praise of Dr. Brian Archambault.

For starters... he saved my life!

Dr. Brian was able to solve the two-year mystery of my daily migraine headaches, endless fatigue, thyroid issues, out of balance hormones, and the list goes on.

Dr. Brian is unbelievably compassionate, intelligent and up-to-date on the latest medical news and information. I have excellent insurance and have never thought twice about paying out-of-pocket to see Dr. Brian.. ever!

Everyone should have this level of care and the peace of mind that comes with it. So grateful to Dr. Brian Archambault and his incredible staff.

R. Fedorow

I wished to take a moment and speak to my belief and view that Dr. Simone is a wonderful doctor.

I am a fairly new patient of hers and am grateful that I was able to find her! My previous medical doctor was unable to help me regain my health, balance my thyroid and adrenal levels and was not truly working to help me.

Dr. Simone carefully and thoughtfully took the time to listen, observe and reflect on all the information and lab results I had provided for her. She professionally, kindly and thoughtfully took the time to answer all my questions and address any concerns I had. She developed a treatment plan that restored my health. which is a gift for my family and I.

Further, during the process, she continued to show her empathy and thoughtful care by checking in with me every few days regarding my status, level of improvement and about how I was feeling. She continued to check in with me every few days for two months.

Additionally, the environment and atmosphere of the office is fantastic. Walking into the West Valley Naturopathic Center is like a breath of fresh air compared to most doctor's offices. The doctors, nurses and office staff warmly welcome you and greet you by name. They show they genuinely care by asking a follow-up question about something that was mentioned in a conversation from the last visit.

I highly recommend Dr. Simone to anyone seeking medical care.

D. Cordova

I’ve been seeing Dr. Brian Archambault since 2011 and I honestly was so impressed with his dedication to my health, guidance and time that he provides on each appointment I have ever had when I see him.

He sincerely cares about his patients and is always respectful in his communication, supportive and extremely helpful in helping us feel our best.

I am a 57-year-old man and am active as if I am still in my 20’s on many activities. As I. turned 50 I was really feeling that my body was changing and feeling a bit more fatigue compared to previous years.

Dr. Brian helped me take some actions to continue doing what I want to do and feel good doing so.

We live in a society where the medical community has, unfortunately, had to make adjustments to care to manage expenses that insurance companies have negatively impacted forcing so many doctors to operate like a fast food chain.

Dr. Brian has not conformed to such business dealing and makes you feel
like you have a medical provider on your side, almost like the 60’s when doctors nee you and your family, made house calls, etc.

My biggest worry is that Dr. Brian will
relocate or retire then I am in trouble. I personally have referred family members and friends to see him.

Honestly, he is a good guy and a great doctor.

I would recommend anyone male or female consider finding a physician like Brian Archambault NMD!

Thanks doc, I appreciate you more than you know.

B. Williams

Always a great feeling after leaving this place, you cant get more of a personal experience I have medical insurance but pay out of pocket to come here.

Dr. Brian's experience and dedication to his trade are unparallel to anything else I've experienced on a medical treatment level.

You're in great hands here !!

J. Wright

I started coming to see Dr. Simone about 2 months ago. I found out some very good information from different tests they did that my primary care physician never had ran. Dr. Simone is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone! I feel so much better taking natural approaches towards my health as opposed to taking prescription drugs that really never fixed the problem.

A. Burkhalter

I have had headaches from muscle tension in my neck for over 10 years. Along with that horrible discomfort, I also was tired and weak all the time.

I tried traditional medicine that my doctor recommended; muscle relaxers and meds to help with the inflammation. They did not work at all. I spent probably $1000 on diagnostic testing like MRIs, catscan, x-rays, and blood work just to be told I have arthritis. After many more dead-end roads, I came to while trying to feel better.

I decided to come to West Valley Naturopathic Center since my friend had been going there for years. It has been expensive, yes, but I feel almost zero pain now after doing what was suggested and taking supplements to increase levels I am deficient in. I have energy and no headaches!

My muscles don't have tightness like they did. If you're coming here as a skeptic and to not spend much money than yes, your experience will be different. Insurance doesn't cover your visits and supplements. If you have hope that healing your body as naturally as possible and want to make an investment in yourself to feel better I recommend this place.

D. Delgado

This office offers more than you can expect and hope for.

Dr. Brian and his staff are top tier professionals, that offer really effective treatment for a variety of ailments.

You will be impressed, I guarantee it! I will be posting more results from their work very soon.

Thank you West Valley Naturopathic!

C. Dehorty

I won't go on and on and on, but I want to. A very professional office but the star is Dr. Simone.

I first met her on a day that I was having an emotional meltdown. And personally, I don't know how I would have pulled through without her.

She's rock solid with emotional support, knowledge, and info about meds and procedures. All of this is empowering and can assist in helping a patient focus on the solution and not the problem.

She is compassionate, warm, friendly and brilliant!

But now, I've gone on and on after all, haven't I?

L. Banuelos

I began seeing Dr. Simone after visiting multiple primary doctors. I knew something was going on with my body but was unable to address it. After many test and recommendations from previous doctors, I decided to try a different avenue. I was always told my blood work and test were fine, which I was not.

Dr. Simone ran multiple tests, and as suspected I was all over the place. She has been working with me to balance out all my blood work and correct the concerns.

I feel so much better.

I have a little more to go but I am excited that I have someone that can explain what is wrong and tell me what I need to do. I am really glad that I made the change. Friends and family have noticed the change and I highly recommend Dr. Simone.

C. Prescott

Brian Archambault, N.M.D. is an amazing Doctor who promotes healthy living the Natural Way. Dr. Archambault always reviews all of my blood tests and his Office Staff gives excellent service!

M. Penate

Everyone here is very nice, they helped me a lot with all my concerns, great prices,

I highly recommend this place for any health concerns, they treat the root of the problem.

N. Chavez

My kids and I see Dr. Simone. We love her. We followed her from a different naturopathic office she was at before she moved to West Valley Naturopathic Center.

She makes us feel comfortable and I trust that her plan of care is always in the best interest for my children and my health. I would highly recommend Dr. Simone and West Valley Naturopathic Center.

Y. Calderon

If there were more stars- I'd give them to Dr. Brian! He is awesome!!! DIVE IN!!! Make the call!!! You will be glad you did.

J. Foster

My practitioner is Dr. Myleen Simone. She is an absolutely amazing person and knowledgeable.

Her background and experience sets her aside from all the doctors I’ve had in the past. She truly cares about her patient's well-being.

A. Sleeseman

Dr. Brian has given our son a better quality of life.

He’s become our first choice for health care.

We highly recommend WVNC

J. Wi

I went to Dr. Simone and she was great, had enough time, was patient with me and could help. The whole staff is really nice.

B. O'Connell

Myleen Simone, NMD is who I turned to after I was completely fed up with the traditional medical system. After 3 different doctors just kept adding more and more medications to treat my symptoms Dr. Simone is helping me get to the root cause.

Within 2 weeks of following her suggestions, diet, and treatments, my symptoms of over 8 months subsided.

Much of what I have done with her has NOT been covered by my health insurance but it has been worth every penny.

I highly recommend West Valley Naturopathic Center. B. O'Connell

K. Curtis

I have had the privilege of being a patient of Dr. Archambault for over ten years.

He is the consummate medical professional who truly cares about his patients. He has supported me through treatments for cancer and I know that the success I am experiencing is due mainly to his caring expertise and his dedication.

His entire staff evidences this same dedication to individual patient care.

I recommend Dr. Archambault without hesitation to anyone who is looking for the highest level of medical care by a doctor with superior knowledge in every aspect of maintaining wellness.

V. Villa

Brian and his staff are great. Very happy to be a patient. Very responsive and eager to assist with any need.